Experienced and qualified staff.

Apex Surveying was formed in 2007 with a view to providing a fast and professional service to the local community. All of our experienced and qualified staff live in the Camden area and have been involved in the surveying industry for 25+ years. We are proud to live and work in Sydney's South West region to provide a quality service to our local community.

Apex Surveying is a member of the Institute of Surveyors (NSW).

Services We Provide:

  • Identification Surveys for property transactions
  • House and Building Pegouts for new homes and extensions
  • Lease Plan Survey (PCA- Property Council of Australia)
  • Subdivision/Redefinition Plans
  • Strata Subdivision Plans
  • Easement Survey Plans
  • Detail and Contour Survey for new homes and extensions
  • Flood Level Surveys
  • Farm Asset Mapping Plans
  • Development Application Preparation
  • Statement of Environmental Effects

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